The best banknote detector

All banknote detector tools have now become essential for those who deal with the most disparate customers daily.

The banknote checking machines that SDSP sells are all certified and guarantee control over all Euro banknotes in circulation, with continuous updates also on the new banknotes in circulation.

Whuy you need a banknote detector?

banknote detector machine by sdspSimple: to protect your incomes from fake bills.

Increasingly it happens that your customers pay you with fake banknotes of which they are not even aware (because those who put them into circulation use alternative circuits) and more and more this happens with small banknotes.

By now, in fact, scams no longer occur on large denomination banknotes, but on small denomination ones, precisely because of their greater circulation.

Certifications for banknote verification of our machinery

The banknote verification machines in our portal are RohS certified and have a minimum assistance of 1 year, expandable in case of need.

Our SDSP service center is available daily to provide the necessary support, even in the event of damage to the banknote detector.

The prices of the banknote checker are absolutely in line with the market, with the added reliability of a company that has been operating in this market for over 20 years.