SDSP coin counters

The coin counter machines supplied with SDSP are highly functional systems for quickly counting, selecting and valuing a large quantity of mixed coins.

SDSP professional coin counters: features

Coin Counter machines sold by SDSPEach machine has different built-in features, depending on the model chosen.

There are professional coin counting machines that allow you to quickly count different types of coins simultaneously (1-2-5-10-20-50 cents and 1-2 Euros)

Some of these also allow insertion into pipes (we also supply the complete kit)

Or there are other simpler ones which, besides counting, divide the various coins into collecting drawers.

Of course it depends on the type of use and the amount of coins you have to count every day.

But the solutions are manifold and for all the uses currently necessary in commercial activities, of banks, or of other subjects who “handle” many “pennies”

Coin counter price

The of a machine separates SDSP coin counter depends on the type and amount of activity you need to do.

For all needs, prices range from 120 Euros upwards