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How we work

All products are protected by a 12/24 month warranty starting from the date of purchase and CE marking with ROHS certification. This indicates the requirements of a quality system model adopted within the company, in its various functions, to demonstrate its ability to provide products / services that comply with the rules and are able to meet customer needs. A further confirmation of the attention to quality in the daily management of the activities.

The S.D.S.P. guarantees 100% the absolute suitability and safety of all systems for the management of currencies for the verification of Euro banknotes, foreign banknotes, all types of checks, ATMs and credit cards. technical demonstrations of the products you have chosen. All products with their own technical characteristics and the various addresses for each contact are reported. For those who were already a customer, please note that from this site it is possible to print or view the euro instructions of the various banknote inspectors. For those who want to become our retailer, more explanations on this are in the online shopping section. Special thanks to all customers for their confidence demonstrated over the years and our suppliers for maximum security and reliability of the products we purchased.