Money detector LD1 – UV/MG

80,00 60,00 +iva

Verifier of small banknotes that can control euro and foreign banknotes, credit cards, checks and documents.


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Money detector LD1: very little dimensions for control all world banknotes, credit cards, travel checks & documents with:

– UV lamps control

– Watermark control

– Magnetic ink control


RohS Compliant


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Lamps: 1 9W UV lamp, 2 white leds for watermark verificationSensor MG: 2 magnetic sensorsPower supply: 110 / 220V, 50-60 HzPower: 10WDimensions: L 275 x P150 x H147 mmWeight: 0.500 Kg

With LD1-MG / UV is able to make 3 types of control for the recognition of notes: White Lamp with control on the screen below: In cases of genuine banknotes, the white screen on the display to check against the image and the watermark microscrittura this thread on the banknote. The watermark must have features very thin and well defined with each other. The security thread, placed in the center of the note, must be black and the Euro microscrittura white, throughout the length of the wire, repeated several times. Control lamps with ultraviolet rays: In cases of genuine banknotes, the same highlights the fluorescent fibrils and holograms which have to be very clear and well defined colors; in the case of counterfeit note will not be displayed fluorescent fibrils and the holograms, the alarm will sound. Control with magnetic head: The magnetic head placed in the bottom center of the verifier checks the present magnetic ink on banknotes. Proceed as follows: a) manually wipe the banknote in the points highlighted in yellow in the figure below. b) if magnetic inks are (genuine banknote) the red lights. The previous controls are identical for all Euro banknotes. The duration of the UV lamps and White ranges from 2000 to 4000 hours of continued use. The bright display is a standard CAUTION: Do not use the viewer at eye level so as not to cause eye damage resulting from constant exposure to UV