Slim IR camera – Banknote Detector

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Slim IR camera system allows you to see if the notes or documents are printed with infrared ink.
A monitor from 4″ conveys the image of the document or bill by showing the white molded parts with these inks.

USE: supermarkets and hypermarkets, petrol stations, tobacconists, bingo halls, betting shops, etc..

The most significant notes of the world as checking authenticity printing sensitive infrared, Euro, USD later 1996, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Credit Cards, ATM, Checks, identification documents, etc..

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Operating voltage: 12Vcc/0.5A Supplye: 100-240Vca, 50/60 Hz Consumption: ≤ 5W Dimension: L85mm*112mm*155mm Weight: 0.320 Kg

Verification: Place the banknote or credit card in the base of the IR SLIM CAMERA and check that the parts, as shown on the page are the same, otherwise the banknote or credit card is suspected of being false. Over the Euro, the most significant banknotes in the world have infrared sensitive printing as an authenticity check. Therefore you can also check other currencies including: US Dollars succ. 1996, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Yen, Ruble, Credit Cards, Bancomat, Checks, Identification Documents, etc.