Banknote Detector MINI FAST CONTROL

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The Mini Fast Control is a banknote checker that checks all Euro banknotes. It has 6 fake checks: checking the presence of the security thread, magnetic ink, size, color, infrared and ultraviolet. Very easy to use!


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Banknote Detector MINI FAST CONTROL is abortive development under adopting advanced all sided detecting function of multi IR, MG, MT, 2D paper material & image etc.;

Compace design for various occasion;

Any feeding direction for Euro, GBP or other currency (will need to book);

it is very powerful for superfake EURO detecting, as it is passed the 100% ECB testing;

Two ways for true note out: forward or backward;

With Li-ion chargeable battery(optional);

Connecting with PC or printer or remote display, upgrade software by USB cable or SD card or sticker;

Banknote Detector MINI FAST CONTROL is suitable for supermarket, store, exchange store, restaurant,cinema, taxi, gas station in today’s financial market;

It will help you to save time and money


Banknote Detector MINI FAST CONTROL verification Methods: False IR, MT, MG, 2D, Image, ColorValue: EURCharge: ManualDragging: MotorizedDimensions Machine: 125 (L) × 88 (P) x59 (H) mm Net weight: 0.30 KG excluding batteryCount speed: 0.5 seconds per banknote Validation Display: backlit alphanumeric Acoustic signal: in case of suspect banknote Power supply: 7.2 volt Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries Consumption: 6.6W (MAX) Power supply: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz (included)

Banknote Detector MINI FAST CONTROL is very easy to use! - Validation function of the total verified or divided by denomination- Insertion of banknotes in any direction.- Possibility of output of the front or rear banknotes. Low size easy to use at the cash desk is equipped with rechargeable batteries for use even in the absence electricity supply. WARRANTY 1 ANNOCERTIFICATION RohSASSISTANCE AND GUARANTEED REPAIR