New 20 Euro Fast control and Mini Fast Control software

Fast control software: The UPGRADE SOFTWARE and UPDATE FIRMWARE for the FAST CONTROL BLACK UPGRADE banknote verifier and MINI FAST CONTROL is already available. Contact us for the price!

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New 20 Euro Fast control software :with the update you can use your device to check the new Euro series euro banknotes from € 5 + € 10 + € 20 as well as all the other old euro banknotes.
Mario Draghi presented in Frankfurt on the new 20 euro banknote that will officially come into circulation on November 25, 2015. After the 5 euro, inspired by the classic style, and 10 euro, inspired by the Romanesque style, touches to 20 euro banknotes, that in the new series will be inspired by the Gothic style.

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Front and backsoftware nuovo 20 euro fast control e mini fast control 1The new banknotes of the Europa series will be inspired by different architectural styles, without showing any particular monument. The twenty euros, for example, are inspired by the Gothic style. The design is the work of the Berlin artist Reinhold Gerstette, who has chosen different shades of color to distinguish the banknotes. For the twenty euros, shades of blue have been chosen. Continous banknotes will have shades in contrast with each other, so as to avoid confusion between the cuts. The shades also recall those of the first series

To the touch, to the sight

To distinguish the new 20 euros from fake banknotes, the first step will be to use touch. The paper has a rough consistency. Also on the short sides there are oblique lines in relief to facilitate recognition even by the visually impaired. In the box on the top right of the banknote is a window with the portrait of Europe. The portrait becomes transparent when viewed against the light and is visible on both sides. On the left there is a second portrait of Europe, visible against the light. If placed against a dark surface the portrait will appear in negative. Finally a dark band crosses the banknote. The euro symbol and the value of the banknote are visible in a watermark


In the hologram strip the main design of the banknote is represented, the two windows with pointed arch. By tilting the banknote, the euro symbol is replaced by the nominal value. By observing the portrait of Europe and moving the banknote, holograms show images superimposed. The portrait on the front shows geometric drawings at the window. The drawing on the back shows the value of the overprinted note

Microprint - UV raysIn some parts of the banknote are minuscule characters visible only with the magnifying glass. These characters, once enlarged, should not appear faded. Furthermore, the value of the banknote at the bottom left is printed with an ink that changes according to the inclination. If it is subjected to UV rays, the banknote paper must remain opaque. In transparency, small strips of fibers of 3 different colors must be visible. In addition, parts of the design, such as the stars of the European Union, must appear yellow.On the back, when subjected to UV light, the banknote must show a quarter of a light green circle. The serial number in red must also be visible.