VB IR The Sfinx

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VB IR “The Sfinx” system enables you to control the presence of infrared sensitive ink on the notes.

Euro banknotes and various foreign banknotes emissions have indeed sensitive to infrared inks on their surface as anti-forgery system.

VB IR “The Sfinx” allows, with a gesture, to analyze this particular system.

Dimensions: 105 cm (H) x 60 (L) x 23 (D) Weight: 100 gr.Power: 1 9V battery (included) 2 ROUGH ANNIVERSARY CERTIFICATE ROHS (does not contain lead) ASSISTANCE AND REPAIR FROM SDSP

Place the VB-IR "The Sphinx" vertically in the highlighted white area of the bill with the front facing you. Pressing the START brake the verifier will give you the answer related to the reading made, as specified below: - Red LED "OK" on 1 beep: THE BANKNOTE HAS INFRARED INKS ON THE SURFACE - Intermittent sound and lighting of the "FALSE" LED: SUSPENDED BANKNOTE When the reading is over, leave the START button. Any type of result obtained from a reading carried out by the highlighted areas should not be taken into consideration.