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Software update new Euro 5,10,20,50, 100 and 200

The SOFTWARE and UPDATE FIRMWARE for the banknote verifier FAST CONTROL BLACK UPDATE and MINI FAST CONTROL is already available.

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The new Euro update software is now available to be applied to our banknote verification tools. The software is easily implemented even if our complete assistance and support remains.

This new Euro update software integrates with the tools already present in your shop or business, without the need to change machinery.

Even if the new “latest generation” banknotes have “very advanced security features”, it is advisable to update the software to avoid unpleasant problems.

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New 50 euros have an innovative feature that was used for the first time for the 20 euro banknotes of the "Europa" series: if you look at the 50 euro against the light, the window at the top of the hologram shows in transparency the portrait of Europe, a figure from Greek mythology. The portrait of Europe can also be seen in the watermark. On the front of the banknote there is the "emerald green number": when the banknote is moved the bright digit changes color and goes from emerald green to dark blue, producing the effect of a light that moves vertically.

20 Euro The new banknotes of the Europa series will be inspired by different architectural styles, without showing any particular monument. The twenty euros, for example, are inspired by the Gothic style. The design is the work of the Berlin artist Reinhold Gerstette, who has different shades of color to distinguish the banknotes. For the twenty euros, shades of blue have been chosen. Continous banknotes will have shades in contrast with each other, so as to avoid confusion between the cuts. The shades also recall those of the first seriessoftware nuovo 20 euro fast control e mini fast control 1


10 Euro It is the case to say, 'brand new'. The 10 euro banknote presented by the European Central Bank marks the appearance of a new ticket in the 'Europa' series: after the classic architecture of the 5 euro denomination, here are the Romanesque 10 euro, which will begin to circulate from 23 September 2014. The new banknote looks a lot like the one introduced in 2002 but with a refreshed look, which like the 5 euro cut includes the portrait of Europe, figure of Hellenic mythology, as it appears in a guard kept at the Louvre in Paris, dating back over 2,000 years ago and found in southern Italy. The ECB recalls that the euro is the official currency for 334 million people, divided into 19 countries (Latvia was added in January). The banknotes of the new series will be progressively introduced in the years to come. "Today's one - commented the Luxembourgman Yves Mersch, one of the members of the Executive Committee - is also an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of maintaining people's trust in the euro. When we say 'the euro is our currency' we really mean it ".software nuovo 10 euro fast control e mini fast control 2Dimensions: 127 x 67 mm; Red; Architectural style: Romanesque. To the touch: on the left and right margins you can perceive a series of elements printed in relief. They especially help those with visual problems to recognize the banknote. Also the main image, the inscriptions and the large figure indicating the value are printed in relief.

software nuovo 10 euro fast control e mini fast control 3

The new banknote looks a lot like the one introduced in 2002, but has been the subject of a graphic restyling that, like the 5 euro cut, includes the portrait of Europe, figure of Hellenic nuovo 10 euro fast control e mini fast control 4Among the anti-forgery features we find the hologram: the silver strip on the right reveals the portrait of Europe (figure of Greek mythology), the symbol of the euro, a window and the figure of value. The image of the girl is taken from a vase kept at the Louvre in Paris, dating back over 2,000 years ago and found in southern nuovo 10 euro fast control e mini fast control 5Under an infrared light, only the emerald green number, the right side of the main image and the silver stripe are visible on the front of the ticket. Only the value figure and the horizontal serial number can be seen on the back.

5 Euros Starting from May 2013, the ECB has put on the market the new € 5 series Europa banknote. Therefore, the software has been made available to all old and new customers to update all the upgraded Fast Control banknotes verification sold in the past.