SDSP’s banknote counters

The banknote counter machines proposed by SDSP have a price in line with the market and solve a series of problems for those who have to count” many banknotes.

First of all, the banknote counters with SDSP value are professional machines. In fact, these are flexible and multifunctional bill counters, which adapt to various needs and are also able to perform mixed banknote counting sessions.

Functions of the SDSP banknote counter

Banknote counter - Bill counter by sdspSome of these, for starters, also have the function of a coin counter and can be suitable for any type of banknote.

In fact, even when inserting broken or “mistreated” banknotes, the count is not wrong and possibly signals errors.

Broken or “mezzanine” banknotes, as well as banknotes of various denominations, as well as tickets (meal vouchers or petrol vouchers), with SDSP’s bill counters machines find their right “way” and are not “skipped”.

This also facilitates final bill counting, without the need for manual re-counting and often in seconds.

The machines that SDSP offers and that you can find below are functional also with respect to the type of needs.

Warranty on SDSP banknote counters

In addition, each device you purchase on has also included the minimum 1 year warranty, and benefits from all the SDSP support service. In case of problems, the “emergency service” of the company is triggered, therefore you will have nothing to worry about.

The banknote counting machines that SDSP offers and that you can find below are also functional with respect to the type of needs!