Professional banknote counter SDSP-20 MG+UV+MT+DD

350,00 300,00 +iva

Smart banknote counter with four checks of the fake and the intruded and or worn banknote (DD)

Download the Depliant SDSP-20

  • Description
  • Technical specifications


  • Auto / manual counting.
  • UV, MG, MT detecting function.
  •  Width, double, half, chain detecting function
  • Auto start and clear.
  •  Three countable speed.
  •  Batch presetting, add counting.
  • Alarm stop with error message code.
  • Memory function (keep last operating state).

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3 speeds 600/1200 / 1,500 b / w per minuteDeparture: automatic or manual. 4-digit counting display. 3-digit preset display. Detectable errors: half-jammed, half-jammed banknote. Loading capacity: 300 b / w. Free counting or from 1 to 999 with keypadSize banknotes Euro: 115 x 50 - 175 x 85Verification of the fake: MG + UV + MT + DDPeso kg 5,3Suitable also for the counting of lots of tickets (GOOD PASTO AND GOOD FUEL) Dimensions of tickets: length 80 x width 54 x thickness 3 decimatesMARCHIO CEGARANZIA 1 ANNOCERTIFICATION ROHSASSISTANCE AND REPAIR FROM SDSP & nbsp;