180,00 +iva

Functional characteristics:

  • Excellent peeling even for worn and small denomination banknotes
  • Automatic start and automatic stop after the set number of banknotes
  • Possibility of counting with STOP or infinity
  • Adjustment of the speed and state of wear of the incoming banknotes
  • Verification of loading errors and of the half banknote
  • Dimensional recognition of banknotes and CALCULATOR function with VALORIZATION of the additional counted values of the same denomination (OPTIONAL).

Download the depliant HERE

  • Description


Banknote counter with four checks for forgery and intruding and / or worn out banknote (DD) 1 speed 1000 banknotes per minute

  • Departure: Automatic
  • Counting display: LCD (Changes to red when the banknote is fake)
  • Preset buttons: pressure membrane
  • Rear interface: RS232 for future upgrades
  • Detectable errors: chained, half and jammed banknote.
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS: 29 cm X 25 cm X 16 cm
  • Loading capacity: 200 banknotes
  • Counting: Free or with STOP
  • Euro banknote dimensions: 50 x 110 – 90 x 180
  • Fake verification: MG + UV + IR + DD
  • Weight kg 5
  • Also suitable for counting large batches of Tickets (GOOD MEAL AND GOOD FUEL)
  • Ticket dimensions: length 80 x width 54 x thickness 3 tenths