Professional banknote counter SDSP-05 UV+MG

230,00 180,00 +iva

Smart banknote counter with double verification of forgery for the counting of large batches of banknotes.

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Download Depliant Professional banknote counter SDSP-05 UV+MG


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• UV, MG, MT detecting function.
• Half, chain detecting function.
• Batch presetting, add counting.
• Alarm stop with error message code.
• Self-testing when starting.

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1 speed ≥ 850 b / n per minDirection: Automatic Double banknote control 3-digit counting display. 3-digit preset display. Detectable errors: half-jammed, half-jammed banknote. Loading capacity: 200 b / w.Contain: free or with accumulates from 1 to 999 with keypads Counterfeit check: UV + MG