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The Count and divide coins  CM2000 is a robust machine suitable for counting coins or tokens all over the world.

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Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 37 × 36.3 × 32.7 cm

Technical features: Counting speed: 2,300 coins per minute. (max) Load capacity in the hopper: 3600-12000 coins (max) Measured coin denomination: Thickness: 0.7 - 3.9 mm Coin count: 14-34 mmMaximum count in the display: from 1 to 9999999Code mode: Continuous or in pre-set batches Consumption: 70W (during operation) Power requirements: AC 110V ~ 121v, 60Hz or AC 220V ~ 242V, 50HzDimension 363 (W) x 370 (L) x 327 (H) mm Net weight: 11kg 100% BANKED CERTIFICATE BCEGARANZIA 1 GUARANTEED ANNOASSISTANCE

This model can be used in banks, in supermarkets, in the gaming industry and in parking companies, given the very high coin speed it can count (2,300 coins per minute). The attack on the front coin bag allows you to divide the chosen coin cut to be counted while the lateral coin allows you to have a mix of the remaining coins. With the optional set of coin tubes, you can wrap the coin counted in the paper tube for the formation of packaged rolls of coins. It is also possible to display the total of each coin on the display, pushing only one key. The total amount of the count, which can be free or pre-set, is displayed automatically.