Coin Counter 8 drawers

150,00 120,00 +iva

Coin Counter 8 C Coin Selector is a highly functional system for counting, quickly selecting and enhancing a large amount of mixed coins. Thanks to the special handle it is easily transportable making it comfortable for any traveling use.

Count and separate all 8 Euro coins by selecting them in the appropriate containers. When the count is complete, the total value in Euro appears on the display. With the REPORT key it is instead possible to know the exact number of the individual pieces present in the various containers. The total amount of the count, which can be free or pre-set, is displayed automatically.

Equipped with an internal memory to keep stored your coin preselection operations even when the machine is off and an RS232 serial port for adding a convenient external display (OPTIONAL).

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The model Coin Counter 8 drawers is an highly functional unit and effective way of accurately
and rapidly counting/sorting great quantity of mixed coins. The coin counter/sorter can handle up to eight different coins, it save your time and
offers you accuracy in coin counting.
The Coin Counter 8 drawers is a software controlled, fully automatic, coin processor easy to use. Just drop mixed coins in the spacious hopper, they will immediately
pass in the machine that accurately counts and sorter them in each single
The Coin Counter offers two counting modes; fre or batch mode; the
automatic readout gives the total amount.

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The Coin Counter is very easy to use thanks to the buttons on the display that activate a fully computerized procedure. After counting, the coins are accurately separated into eight special drawers. It is also possible to display the total of each coin on the display, pushing only one key. The total amount of the count is displayed automatically, which can be free or pre-set. An internal memory is stored to store your coin preselection operations even when the machine is off